Current Schedule

Thursday Night Classes: 7:30-9:30 pm

Level 1 8-Count Fundamentals (beg): June 6th, July 11th, August 1st

Level 2 Charleston (int): June 13th, July 18th (combo with Lindy), August 8th

Level 2 Lindy Hop (int): June 20th, July 18th (combo with Charleston), August 15th

Level 1-2 Advanced Basics (beg-int/all levels): June 27th, July 25th, August 22nd

No class on August 29th.

weekend intensive workshops & crash courses

All Levels Balboa Crash Course! - June 15th
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weekly Group classes

We offer weekly two-hour classes on Thursday evenings in multiple styles of vintage swing dance. No partner is necessary and drop-ins are welcome. Check our calendar to be sure, but typically our Thursday schedule looks like:

First Thursday (Level 1-Beginner)

Fundamentals class in 8-count patterns in both Lindy Hop and Charleston

Second Thursday (Level 2/Intermediate)


Third Thursday (Level 2/Intermediate)

Lindy Hop

Last Thursday (level 1-2/all levels)

Advanced Basics class, which is aimed at all levels of swing dancers and focuses on 6-count patterns, commonly taught elsewhere as East Coast Swing.


Level 1

is our newcomer/beginner level, where walk-ins are always welcome! 

Level 2

designates our intermediate classes for people who are comfortable with the fundamentals

Level 1-2/All Levels

Level 1-2 means that beginners are welcome but the class is also suitable for more experienced swing dancers who wish to work on connection, partnership, and rhythmic variations. Be sure to ask us ahead of time if you're unsure what level you dance at. 

Group classes and mini-workshops are the best bang for your buck! Click below to register:
Please review our studio policies regarding no-shows, cancellations, and drop-ins.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available with professional staff in all styles and levels of swing dance. The intense, personalized attention in private lessons gives you the opportunity to focus on mastering footwork, styling, and technique. You may share your lessons with a partner (one leader, one follower) at no additional fee.  Private lessons are a great option for wedding couples who wish to do swing for their first dance.

Private lessons are 55 minutes long and do not guarantee a private room. There are no refunds or exchanges. Once booked, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required to reschedule a lesson and avoid a full charge. Private lessons expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Click below to set up your first private lesson:

Crash Courses & Workshops

One-day crash courses and workshops are intensive learning environments where you can brush up on basics, practice technique, or try out a new style of dance. They take place in a single day and usually last 2-4 hours. These "learn-in-a-day" courses offer a great introduction to a variety of dance topics at a modest price. They're excellent opportunities for those whose schedules do not permit attendance at weekly group classes, or those who want to review and sharpen their basics. No partner is necessary and drop-ins are welcome. Click below to register:

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